4 Tonne

4 Tonne

Great working companions. Since 1946.

Designed to be super strong and tough, SAM Tip Trailers make excellent workmates. 

Popular for their high-end construction, they look great on-farm and boast extreme toughness for you for the long-term. 

Each one comes with simple to operate drop down sides and a functional spreader tail-board. Core-ten steel decks have been incorporated across all sizes due to its strength. Quality components are the very best we can find around the world. All are hand-made in New Zealand with care.

Three, four, six, eight and ten tonne Trailers make up the range.

Smart features

  • Solid steel decking
    Solid steel decking

    SAM Trailers all come with strong core ten steel decks. These have been selected for toughness and longevity.

  • Sides that drop-down
    Sides that drop-down

    Loading and unloading is simple with the inclusion of drop-down sides.

  • High-end RAMs
    High-end RAMs

    SAM RAMs have been chosen for their reliability. They come from Italy. 3T models have single stage RAMs.

  • The paintwork is long lasting
    The paintwork is long lasting

    The special process for chassis paintwork includes shot blasting, priming and a two-pot paint finish.

  • Easy greasing
    Easy greasing

    Remote greasing is included on all eight and ten tonne models. It is an optional extra on smaller models. All grease points are raised together so they are easy to reach, saving you time and effort with your maintenance.

  • Trip for the backdoor
    Trip for the backdoor

    Both the eight and ten tonne Trailers include a hydraulic trip. All three, four and six tonne Trailers have a mechanical trip. The full range comes with check chains included.

  • Bar for working safely under deck
    Bar for working safely under deck

    When working underneath your deck, there is a new safety bar that fixes into place, locking the deck in position

Optional items

  • Easy greasing
  • Lights for on-road use
  • Brakes on front hubs
  • 1.2 metre extension for hay
  • Tailboard latch (Hydraulic)
  • Coupling with swivel
  • Skid on drawbar
  • Tyre upgrade
Easy greasing

Remote greasing is included on all 8 & 10 and ten tonne models. It is an optional extra on smaller models.

All grease points are raised together so they are easy to reach, saving you time and effort with your maintenance.

Lights for on-road use

You will need LED lights if you are travelling on the road. They are placed on steel mounts at the back of the deck.

The LED lights plug straight into your power source. They are fully waterproof.

Brakes 1
Brakes on front hubs

All tandem axle SAM's can have brakes fitted. They are positioned on the two front hubs. 

Brakes are chosen for their longevity and have proven to be extremely reliable across the years. 

Hay Extention Feature 1
1.2 metre extension for hay

You can add a 1.2 metre long hay extension to your SAM trailer. This is a robust frame extending your trailer deck so that you can easily carry hay. 

Tailboard latch (Hydraulic)

Three to six tonne Trailers all have check chains and manual wire trip. 

Bigger eight to ten tonne Trailers also have check chains as standard but a hydraulic trip is added. This hydraulic trip can be managed from your tractor cab.

You can always add a hydraulic trip to these smaller trailers if needed.

Swivel coupling S 2
Coupling with swivel

Swivel couplings on your tow hitch are great if you have large loads and varied terrain.

A fixed coupling is standard across the smaller Trailers. They can be upgraded to swivel coupling if required.

The 8 and 10 tonne SAM Trailers have the heavy swivel coupling as standard. 

When you are using an Auto Hitch you'll require a donut eye on the coupling.

Skid 1
Skid on drawbar

When you are using a SAM Auto Hitch, you’ll need to ask your dealer to add a skid to the drawbar.

Tyres 2
Tyre upgrade

Our tyres have been chosen for their toughness and durability. We only go for very high quality options.

Tyre specification can be adapted for the your particular situation and terrain. We are happy to talk through custom options.

Four, five and six tonne SAM Hydraulic Trailers come standard with 11.5x15.3 tyres. Or you can upgrade to bigger 400x15.5 tyres. Bigger tyres can be suitable for softer, wet terrain.

Eight tonne trailers have these 400x15.5 tyres included as standard or can be upgraded to 500x17 tyres.

The ten tonne models have 500x17 tyres as standard. 

Brakes 1
Hay Extention Feature 1
Swivel coupling S 2
Skid 1
Tyres 2


  • Deck 3.3 metres (length) x 2.3 metres (width)
  • Sides 300 millimetre steel
  • Floor 4 millimetre core ten steel
  • Capacity 2.3 cubic metres
  • Axle Single axle 70 millimetres
  • Axle capacity 6,000 kilograms
  • Wheels 11.5 / 80 x 15.3 12-ply
  • Ram Single stage 3.5" (diameter)
  • Jack 70 millimetre screw jack
  • Tailboard Standard
  • Hay extension Optional
  • Steel deck Standard

Need help fast?

Contact your local dealer or call SAM for technical help and support. 

Quality guaranteed

SAM makes quality machines and stands by them. Every Trailer goes through extensive quality and accuracy testing. All come with a comprehensive warranty. 

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Love the drop down sides, makes loading easier
My SAM Trailer takes everything I throw at it and she keeps on delivering

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