Fresh talent in the mix

23 Mar 2018
New kids on the block 1

The most recent inclusion in the SAM team is Toby Stone. This is an exciting addition as Toby was Manager of Operations at progressive manufacturing company, Hansa Chippers. He also led the design team at Stainless Design. Engineering, laser cutting and steel fabrication are all useful skills he brings to the table.

Developing process, 3D modelling and figuring out the best, most efficient ways to manufacture items are where his energy is mostly directed. Encouraging his team to reach their potential and have a positive influence on continuous improvement are what drives him in the day-to-day.

SAM Machinery utilise the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques to make their high-end gear. Every product is modelled and tested in SolidWorks. This means the R & D teams can be adaptable and make changes and improvements quickly, when required.

Toby's strengths go well with other newer team members, William and Kate Coombridge. Kate holds a degree in business with experience across sales, marketing, sponsorship, events and business management. Her experience runs from smaller start up businesses to larger corporates like Air New Zealand. Kate is glad to be utilising her background to help strengthen their family business and to create sustainable employment in her home town.

William is using his learnings from his days building boats for the New Zealand yachting industry. He ensures the assembly line is pumping out high-end quality machinery, each and every time.

The new team members are adding to a team that already holds a huge amount of practical experience. Past Dairy Farmer, David Meade is celebrating twenty years as the General Manager, Keith Voogt, the factory foreman, 30 years, and John Coombridge is still the Director.